I hate the "I am not a robot" verification.


I can literally do these test correctly , they just HATE me.
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  • Akiro Sakuragi
    Akiro SakuragiOrë më parë

    1:43 I always get this one wrong lmfao, I'm dyin'

  • Srcomard42
    Srcomard422 orë më parë

    2:23 this is funnier because I am learning the quadratic formula right now

  • ShinyRayquaza9
    ShinyRayquaza93 orë më parë

    imagine not memorizing (-b +- /b^2 - 4ac) \ 2a

  • Amanda Mills
    Amanda Mills5 orë më parë

    Yo honestly felt him with the piece if the car thing

  • Baron Von Samedi
    Baron Von Samedi5 orë më parë

    PS5 Pre-Orders be like:

  • Anthony Woods
    Anthony Woods5 orë më parë

    Those earbuds were definitely worth it 💯

  • Ivan Caballero
    Ivan Caballero10 orë më parë

    Omg this was amazing lmfao

  • Shizuo Heiwajima
    Shizuo Heiwajima12 orë më parë

    Dis "im not a robot" is nonsense

  • InfiniteFlightAvgeek
    InfiniteFlightAvgeek13 orë më parë

    RTX 3090 releasing be like:

  • tanmay baroi
    tanmay baroi13 orë më parë

    2:43 It's a pretty easy question in rocket physics. According to the rocket equation, the change in velocity for a rocket is given by: Δv = ve ln ( Mi / Mf ) ​ where Δv denotes the exhaust velocity of fuel, Mi denotes the initial mass of the rocket, & Mf denotes the final mass of the rocket. Equating the formula, we find Δv = 163.288 m/s which is close to 163.0 m/s and hence the option 2. Edit: Have a great day, you beautiful.

  • Moriarty The Third
    Moriarty The Third15 orë më parë

    Bro robots don't even wear shoes, so why they verifying your humanity like that?

  • Darkriver568
    Darkriver56816 orë më parë

    the I am not a robot verification did the same thing and I did not even know that stuff >:(

  • Wolf Vain
    Wolf Vain17 orë më parë

    1:57 : Teacher: And this is why we are learning this today and thats the reason why everything in school we use

  • GRaf_Anxiety
    GRaf_Anxiety19 orë më parë

    tryna verify my humanity lmfao

  • warrior sweaty
    warrior sweaty19 orë më parë

    I be like why the robot asking me if I'm a robot

  • Depressed Harold
    Depressed HaroldDitë më parë

    Harold is depressed

  • Mirage Uchiha
    Mirage UchihaDitë më parë

    Everyone tryna grab the 5.

  • Fabian Jikuru
    Fabian JikuruDitë më parë

    Ps5 Be like

  • Nill Kigger
    Nill KiggerDitë më parë

    Plot twist: *He was actually taking an IQ test*

  • Creature Domes
    Creature DomesDitë më parë

    I hate those verification 😡

  • Bryce Lister
    Bryce ListerDitë më parë

    It do be like this tho

  • MoodleDoodle22
    MoodleDoodle22Ditë më parë

    i like when im trying to find which of my passwords is correct, then out of nowhere one of them "works" and it pops up a captcha, then when i finish using 18 years to do it, it says incorrect password

  • Traitless
    TraitlessDitë më parë

    There is somebody that is watching this That actually understands the problems on screen lmao

    LIFELESS ENERGYDitë më parë

    “Bro the questions ain’t that hard it’s not rocket science” “ 2:42 “

  • CrAzE Volt
    CrAzE VoltDitë më parë

    Sorry you accidentally pressed the "I am not a human" button, it's intended for robots

  • Omar Sharif
    Omar SharifDitë më parë

    This is what happens when you over think stuff

  • Cactus Nathan Dove
    Cactus Nathan DoveDitë më parë

    Went from are you a bot to state tests.

  • awesomedude 555
    awesomedude 555Ditë më parë

    Caleb's acting, tho. It's so good.

  • ess
    essDitë më parë

    3:14 what’s the music

  • Brandon Irish
    Brandon IrishDitë më parë

    tryna get the PS5 pre order be like:

  • Aboubacar Traore
    Aboubacar TraoreDitë më parë

    And his friend be like “I got mine though”. Rubbing salt into the wound 😂😂

  • Aboubacar Traore
    Aboubacar TraoreDitë më parë

    The moment I saw the advanced mathematics and quantum physics equations I knew it was a lost cause😅😅😅

  • Wes Gil
    Wes GilDitë më parë


  • Sum Beats
    Sum BeatsDitë më parë

    He failed so hes a robot

  • Iminathi Langa
    Iminathi Langa2 ditë më parë

    Oh you’re a human are you? Count all of those traffic lights

  • Damien Mckinney
    Damien Mckinney2 ditë më parë

    I like how he still talking bout the shoes after he said he got them 😂

  • Cäpp
    Cäpp2 ditë më parë

    i never get the verification that lets u just decipher some words anymore :/

  • Ren Eye
    Ren Eye2 ditë më parë

    I guess we’re all robots

  • Max Russ
    Max Russ2 ditë më parë

    Rocket science

  • weirdplusho
    weirdplusho2 ditë më parë

    This video is cursed. I didn't have much of a problem with this garbage until I saw this video. omfg.

  • Ronan Riota
    Ronan Riota3 ditë më parë

    The rocket science one i think is 203.whatever it had i think

  • MsCherriiblossom
    MsCherriiblossom3 ditë më parë

    That mesago beat 😁😁😁aye!!!

  • I’m Blue
    I’m Blue3 ditë më parë

    Wait if the robot verification is impossible and Jermaine got through...

  • Just a sandwich minding his own business
    Just a sandwich minding his own business3 ditë më parë

    I dunno man sounds like something a robot would say

  • Rock 'n' Loom 247
    Rock 'n' Loom 2473 ditë më parë

    I can relate to this; I dislike the I am not a robot verification. I also absolutely hate the biometric typing verification and everytime I type it right; it tells me it's wrong.

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo4 ditë më parë

    real question. Does a truck count as a car...

  • Beta Centurion
    Beta Centurion4 ditë më parë

    When I saw the Quantum Field Theory lagrangian I fucking died 😂😂

  • FireFoxGaming
    FireFoxGaming4 ditë më parë

    im sorry but i think your a robot

  • Riotzz
    Riotzz4 ditë më parë

    That one friend that flexes on stuff u don’t have

  • uskt island
    uskt island5 ditë më parë

    When ever I hear him on the phone it sounds like lenarr to me

  • Ren Eye
    Ren Eye5 ditë më parë

    2:00 So you don’t remember it? Here let me sing it for you! X is equal to negative b Plus or minus the square root Of b squared minus 4ac Alllll over 2a!

  • TheStickManSlayer YT
    TheStickManSlayer YT5 ditë më parë

    "I NEED THESE SHOES MANN" According to the 'if shoes talked' video you made, I dont think you do.

  • luqman muhamed
    luqman muhamed5 ditë më parë

    I bet someone super smart is gonna comment the answer

  • Sloppy Phart
    Sloppy Phart5 ditë më parë

    Caleb's video are consistently able to make me feel stressed, even when it's so stupid.

  • Seek
    Seek6 ditë më parë

    3:27 This could be stupid but I actually wonder what the answer is to that question xD

  • Raza Naqvi
    Raza Naqvi6 ditë më parë

    ALthe adds verification to skip ads

  • ThatOneNoob
    ThatOneNoob6 ditë më parë

    Me: *Sees a pixel on the next square that's a traffic light and clicks it* Google: *Wrong* Me: *Doesn't pick it again* Google: *You are not a human*

  • XcaliberGJ
    XcaliberGJ6 ditë më parë

    His friend is the equivalent of my friends when I die in a game they all like “it’s ok I’m alive, I’m still alive” LIKE, I DONT CARE, IM FREAKING DEAD

  • Nigel K Matanga
    Nigel K Matanga6 ditë më parë

    i wish it was this complicated with the rtx 3080

  • DucksGoQuack09
    DucksGoQuack097 ditë më parë

    3:28 when you miss class for 1 day and come back the next day

  • ANonYMoUs Us3R
    ANonYMoUs Us3R7 ditë më parë

    Ps5 pre orders

  • Kuro Kenshin
    Kuro Kenshin7 ditë më parë


  • Mohd Jazib
    Mohd Jazib8 ditë më parë

    Dope beats Bruv keep it up nigga that some dope shit you got there. i have a friend called royson tom roy from al nuamiya near GMC hospital in ajman his school is ENS he is in 9-B. he will come in the emirates national school bus to ajman he is super rich go rob him\

  • maxx Down
    maxx Down8 ditë më parë

    I hate these verification shit fr tho

  • hxwo -_-
    hxwo -_-8 ditë më parë

    Caleb I wanna tell ur shirt one thing and one thing only *You're**

  • G3KO22
    G3KO228 ditë më parë


  • FeelTheBirdie
    FeelTheBirdie8 ditë më parë

    They shouldve done all of this with the rtx 3000 launch lol

  • Just A Nobody
    Just A Nobody9 ditë më parë

    Me: Tries to login into my account Infinite Human Verification Glitch: Allow me to introduce myself

  • JSSMommy Sims
    JSSMommy Sims10 ditë më parë


  • red legend
    red legend10 ditë më parë

    When am I gonna use this in life human verification


    I don't remember this 😂🤣😂🤣 I don't think any of us do


    They dont specify I felt that i can relate so much

  • RinceRice
    RinceRice10 ditë më parë

    People : *gets math as captcha* Also them : "I REJECT MY HUMANITY, JOJO"

  • Isaiah Solomon
    Isaiah Solomon11 ditë më parë

    They check for human error 👁👄👁

  • Life On The Road
    Life On The Road11 ditë më parë

    Thats how it feels tho

  • Braiden Robson
    Braiden Robson11 ditë më parë

    Funny since deep learning math AI solvers like symbolab and woulfram alpha could solve all these problems

  • Legend Jerry
    Legend Jerry11 ditë më parë

    Quadratic formual -b +- ✓b^2 -4ac/2a

  • Zak Uchiha
    Zak Uchiha11 ditë më parë

    What i don’t get is y he did’t just order on his phone. He has a smart phone for a reason. Man u smart. 🤣🤣🤣✊🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣 love ur vids by the way. 😂😂🤣🤣😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Gay
    Gay11 ditë më parë

    Roblox verification: Sorry one of the figures are orientated wrongly. You gotta rotate like 10 more figures until all of them are right.

  • Raandom Player
    Raandom Player11 ditë më parë

    Happened to me while trying to retrieve my steam account

  • Jean Fernandez
    Jean Fernandez12 ditë më parë

    Oh my god its so TRUE!!!!

  • Ivan qt
    Ivan qt12 ditë më parë


  • Kristin Rodriguez
    Kristin Rodriguez12 ditë më parë

    you dont know true pain till you are up at 11:30 at night on your new computer trying to verify your humanity to make a steam account

  • DragonAurora
    DragonAurora12 ditë më parë

    If you're that crazy about a pair of shoes... You ARE a fucking robot.

  • GoodLoserSleepyD
    GoodLoserSleepyD12 ditë më parë

    Reminds me of the ps5 preoder fiasco

  • •Elisa CooK•
    •Elisa CooK•12 ditë më parë

    I'm literally doing those exact math problems for homework right now.

  • Vinz Calaguas
    Vinz Calaguas13 ditë më parë

    The funny thing is bots can do math and rocket science.

  • RuthlessKO
    RuthlessKO13 ditë më parë

    I felt this

  • Shifter1307 *
    Shifter1307 *13 ditë më parë

    2:24 You can see the specific moment where the life slowly starts to drain from him

  • Dark Ness
    Dark Ness13 ditë më parë


  • East Side Doom
    East Side Doom13 ditë më parë


  • cgamerzhd
    cgamerzhd13 ditë më parë

    At least your friend tried helping, my friend won't even do me a request even if i have actual excuse

  • comment police
    comment police13 ditë më parë

    1:41 this is way too relatable

  • Sushey
    Sushey13 ditë më parë

    3:45 he sounds like kyle exum

  • Crumbs
    Crumbs14 ditë më parë

    This hit different after the NVIDIA launch.

  • Blank
    Blank14 ditë më parë

    Pure anxiety 😭😭😭

  • Ander Walsh
    Ander Walsh14 ditë më parë


  • Black Lotus15
    Black Lotus1514 ditë më parë

    Caleb is a robot confirmed

  • Phoenix Fieryn
    Phoenix Fieryn14 ditë më parë

    “Do i pick the wheel sticking into the next one” No. The wheel is not a car. “Solve the Quadratic formula” I- it’s over fam

  • 1k Subs Before December ?
    1k Subs Before December ?14 ditë më parë


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