The first plant to become a venus fly trap


Basically how the first Venus fly trap happened


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    He said its good for my skin lol.. Pollen is plant sperm

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    0:53 lol my favorite part is his face close up

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    Love your videos

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    Imagine watching the homie get ate & begging for help but you can't help bcz you a plant...

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    Still hilarious

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    When the plants stop drinking water, the next step is straight up becoming an animal.

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    Damn man you always make me feel better or even laugh in my worst days. Love your videos

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    Omg hilarious!!!

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    *u craZEE*

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    Wassup Caleb luv wat ya doing I was inspired to start my own skit channel and I would appreciate all the support

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    I feel weak 🤢

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    I want to chew

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    I'm crying...... " you CRAZYYY YOU CRAZZYYY 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    00:21 Then what is photosynthesis. Still is funny tho.

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    Haha the way he says it YOU CRAZ-E!

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    Yo this got me dying hahahaha 😆 😆 😆

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    The bite actually made me jump XD

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    Dang making your own food wasn't good enough, Venus? 😨

  • Max McGarvey
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    When you realize dude put his hand in his mouth while having a leaf taped to his head.

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    YOU CRA-*Z*

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    Finally some good Fucking food

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    I'm Dead. Send help.

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    How are venus fly traps even existing I had one for two days and it die they need food, .5 degrees more of sunlight then us and they do nothing.

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    Mate venus fly trap still drink water

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    Meech and Lo vibes

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    I’m just imagining the behind the scenes. Caleb just be eating his own hand

  • STIGLY Animation
    STIGLY Animation11 ditë më parë

    The way he drank that water made it look so good

  • Supreme Eli Ψ
    Supreme Eli Ψ12 ditë më parë

    Mans just got a leaf tapped to his forehead XD this guy is a comedic genius

  • A M J
    A M J13 ditë më parë

    I just heard : *Bumblebee: "you know me... I'm just spreading pollen and drug"*

  • Joel Castro
    Joel Castro13 ditë më parë

    but the don't mostly eat bugs but its funny ethier way

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    ALthe has decided this is music

  • aWebtoon reader
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    I absolutely love how Caleb's representation of a plant was taping a leaf to his head 🤣 comedic genius

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  • Noice Gallagher
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    Bro this is why in the insects introducing themselves video he said “yeah be careful around those plants I hear they can be crazy”

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    At least this man knows his bio.

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    1:06 scared the shit outa me

  • The AViator
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    I love how nobody is acknowledging that the only he had to do to convince us that he was a plant is tape one leaf to his head And the fact that his bee wings are made out of aluminum foil For real tho this guy could make an award-winning movie with a budget of two hundred bucks

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    200? You mean 3?

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    who thumbs down like the fuk

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    1:27 You crazy?!!! You crazY?!!!!!! You crayZY?!!!!!!!!!!!

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    0:00 :Me drinking water during my cold 0:16 :Me after my cold is gone

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    This is strangely accurate

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    0:04 Caleb Chill

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    "This is good " haha so funny

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    “I-I can’t help! I CAN’T HELP I’M A PLANT!” -Caleb 2018

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    God, the manic close-up on his face always gets me.

  • UltraGamerPro 6
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    Uh... venus fly traps actually use photosynthesis and water and stuff. The reason they eat flies and other insects is because they need the nutrients from the insects which they can't get from the soil.

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    Ok nigga who the fuck asked?

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    Is that a Youtuz reference

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    this is the one. this was the one that turned me on to caleb city

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    Who came first, Caleb or RDC? They both litty.

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    I want 🥩

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    I wanna chew

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    Meat 🥩

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    leaf head

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    The leaf is the Youtooz reference did y'all notice?

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    Venus flytrap was the imposter

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    No bumblebees were harmed in this video

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    POV: you came to this video after seeing the youtooz seeing if its accurate to the leaf

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    Every kid who passed by McDonald 0:23

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    Back after seeing the youtoozzz

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    POV :here from the non sketch video

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    10.000th comment

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    0:23 I wanna eat! ~2018 *I WANNA CHOKE I WANNA GAG* ~2020

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    Bitin' the hand that feeds you.

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    This is where the design of the CalebCity Youtooz design came from

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    you CRAAAzyyyy you craaZY

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    Doctors: *"We need a urine sample to check your kidney."* Doctors as soon as you walk away: *0:01*

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    Yes officer this comment here

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    Noooo 💀

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    The leaf on his head is a reference to his yootooz figure

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    POV: You're here from the youtuuz video

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    Who's here from the Youtooz reference?

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    leaf nigga

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    ohhh this is where the tiktok comes from :D

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    This channel has a lot of similarities to rdcworld1

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    I was somehow disturbed because he put his lips on the part where you drink from to another person But then I realized they are all the same actor

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    It’s more like that one weird kid that finally snapped 😳😜 you know you shouldn’t be messing with him and now he finally snapped 😳😜

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    😂😂 genius!!

  • WonderingAsIWander
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    HAHAHAHA 😆😆😆!! This was hilarious!! I saw the name and thought it wasnt gonna be that funny but it was the best! 😂😂😂😂

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    The singular leaf...

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    This is where that TikTok comes from...

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    u craZY

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    The singular leaf on his head makes it so much better

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    I wanna CHEW!

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    You crazy.... You crazy.... Hahahaha

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    Alternative title: 3 crazy men with weird excuses for a costume turns into a cannibalism scene

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    brooooo is this where this meme was from omg

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    this honestly is one of my favorite things to come out of the vine era of the internet

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    the fact that tik tok stole this

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    M E A T

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    Yoooo so this is where that leaf on the YouTooz toy be from 😂😂

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    Yeah, was about to comment the same thing.

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    Imagine someone walking in on you with a leaf taped to your head

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    Who else came here after his Youtooz??

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    His Youtooz bring you back here?

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    That's me when my parents are out getting pizza and there 1 min late

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