Putting your glasses down for 5 SECONDS


I want normal vision so bad.
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  • Scutlix
    Scutlix4 orë më parë

    little did i realized until now, this guy made the ravern dip scavern.

  • Abdulaziz Khusanov
    Abdulaziz Khusanov5 orë më parë

    *takes off glasses* Hearing: aight imma head out

  • Uniquan !
    Uniquan !8 orë më parë

    apartiperdak. apartiperdak scavern RAVERDIT SCAVERN

  • Fried Rice119
    Fried Rice1199 orë më parë

    0:13 the disabled kid trying to tell me the quiet kid has an ak47 in his bag

  • Xavier Decker
    Xavier Decker9 orë më parë

    Empratipartac? What? Empratipartac scabber? What? RABBERDENSCABBER, GISHMEERGA?

  • xoriorwolfxxx UwU
    xoriorwolfxxx UwU11 orë më parë

    Relatable That’s it

  • Your Drinking Buddy
    Your Drinking Buddy14 orë më parë

    I laughed so hard at this.

  • Anonymous_Assasin 0209
    Anonymous_Assasin 020915 orë më parë

    Me after watching an optical illusion

  • Exo Ʉɔʇᎉlƃ
    Exo ɄɔʇᎉlƃDitĂ« mĂ« parĂ«

    Im not that blind XD

  • Professor Salty
    Professor SaltyDitë më parë

    This dude and Gus Johnson are keeping the ghost of good vines

  • Nicolas Johnson
    Nicolas JohnsonDitë më parë


  • Muito Pouco Grandinho
    Muito Pouco GrandinhoDitë më parë

    He need pills, not glasses

  • NessaOfDorthonion
    NessaOfDorthonionDitë më parë

    I only vaguely know what's going on here because I have adhd and if there's something occupying my eyes then no I cannot hear you and I'm phasing in and out of reality right now

  • Co Vit
    Co Vit2 ditë më parë

    Honestly at this point I have like 7/20 vision and this HELLA relatable

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez2 ditë më parë

    Turns down music so I can see and find my designated address lol

  • Kayla Danee
    Kayla Danee3 ditë më parë

    This where the TikTok audio come from 😂

  • ThatOneNoob
    ThatOneNoob3 ditë më parë

    Those who don't wear glasses will never truly *see* the brilliance of this video

  • A New Good Name
    A New Good Name3 ditë më parë

    That how it be for us

  • VSCO Memer
    VSCO Memer3 ditë më parë

    POV: you are me when I first went on the special ed bus, bad vision included due to unable to focus due to confusion.

  • Ninja Guy
    Ninja Guy3 ditë më parë

    As a person that wears glasses I can confirm this

  • LOL Kitchen
    LOL Kitchen4 ditë më parë

    The amount of people saying they can't hear without glasses is crazy. You talk over the phone and understand đŸ€·

  • Stupid Idiot lol
    Stupid Idiot lol4 ditë më parë

    As someone with stupid bad vision, I can confirm that this happens everytime.

  • Quackdaddy69 Bahaha
    Quackdaddy69 Bahaha4 ditë më parë


  • Ayanda Clarke
    Ayanda Clarke4 ditë më parë

    Nobody: Calebcity: Apartipridact scavern

  • Meme Galore
    Meme Galore5 ditë më parë


  • AgxntZ
    AgxntZ5 ditë më parë

    Bro life without my glasses is like 144p or like 240p

  • Mr bubbles
    Mr bubbles5 ditë më parë

    This man on LSD

  • Just a sandwich minding his own business
    Just a sandwich minding his own business5 ditë më parë

    "That was you..? You was the banana...?"

  • GrahamQuackerz
    GrahamQuackerz6 ditë më parë

    when you trippin

  • Bloodhound
    Bloodhound7 ditë më parë

    Caleb: *Sees chair on wall also Caleb: WOOOAHAHHA WOAHAHHAH *finds glasses Yellow Shirt Caleb: "-_-"

  • Cloud McWaterVapor
    Cloud McWaterVapor7 ditë më parë

    Damn you Caleb. You’re making me laugh so hard while I’m trying to drink my goddamn milk.

  • TJ Walker
    TJ Walker8 ditë më parë

    This dude is gifted man!!! đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Bruh_its_onii chan _
    Bruh_its_onii chan _9 ditë më parë


  • xUteki
    xUteki9 ditë më parë

    What’s the music when he saw the chair on the wall??

  • Ash Ambionce
    Ash Ambionce10 ditë më parë

    Apricilradact SCARVERN

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson10 ditë më parë

    This is the moment a beautiful tiktok sound was born... ApArTiC ReDaCt RaVeRn DiG SkAvErN!!!

  • AwesomeRace


    7 ditë më parë

    Fuck tiktok

  • Fred Weasley
    Fred Weasley10 ditë më parë


  • AwesomeRace


    7 ditë më parë

    @Fred Weasley ok

  • Fred Weasley

    Fred Weasley

    7 ditë më parë

    @AwesomeRace ok lol. I watch the tiktok meme compilations on yt tho

  • AwesomeRace


    7 ditë më parë

    Tiktok is terrible

  • torinkyifh
    torinkyifh11 ditë më parë

    "CLICK OFF THE VIDEO!" he shouts at me, unmoving, unwilling to turn off Caleb

  • Mveledzo T
    Mveledzo T11 ditë më parë

    I can't hear you cause I can't find my glasses 👓

  • Pixie Avalos
    Pixie Avalos12 ditë më parë

    Omg this is 100% relatable

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez12 ditë më parë

    I wasn’t ready to be personally attacked like that

  • L3D_Guy
    L3D_Guy12 ditë më parë

    I lose it everytime he says shoes like why he say it like dat😂😂

  • Hypnotic Glitch
    Hypnotic Glitch12 ditë më parë


  • Rodney King
    Rodney King13 ditë më parë

    You Was The Banana

  • qefwdi ea
    qefwdi ea14 ditë më parë


  • Collin Meserole
    Collin Meserole14 ditë më parë

    As a man who wears glasses I can confirm this true

  • pelicanspider
    pelicanspider15 ditë më parë

    Wait... Where the first guy go?

  • Anele Mhlanzi
    Anele Mhlanzi16 ditë më parë

    "I love you guys" but aggressively.

  • draxcir
    draxcir16 ditë më parë

    Omg you are so talented.

  • Isaiah Keene TV
    Isaiah Keene TV16 ditë më parë

    *I’m honestly the opposite. I can hear a fuckin fly piss on cotton without my glasses lol*

  • Young Mack
    Young Mack17 ditë më parë

    Im dying

  • ilhana
    ilhana17 ditë më parë

    As a legally blind, glasses person, this is exactly what it's like when you put your glasses down for 0.005 nanoseconds

  • Im A Random
    Im A Random17 ditë më parë

    Looks him right in the eye “You was the banana?”

  • TheOneKid
    TheOneKid17 ditë më parë

    This is soooooooo understandable.

  • Alan j
    Alan j18 ditë më parë

    Literally no one : Caleb : KAsHmiRGa

  • yindasneaki
    yindasneaki19 ditë më parë

    that moment when you loose 2 eyes from your 4 eyes.

  • Dr.PhantomDM
    Dr.PhantomDM19 ditë më parë

    This man really said Hishmirga

  • Kenneth Herrans
    Kenneth Herrans19 ditë më parë

    apartip ridact apartip ridact... scavert! raver dip scavert! kishmirga!

  • natalia
    natalia20 ditë më parë

    Me takes off glasses: My friends: How many fingers am i holding up? Me: (thinks to self) do they think im blind. or something..?

  • I'm Coolio
    I'm Coolio20 ditë më parë

    I typed "aiyyomh upit hzsddrd gpt 5 drvpmfd" to find this video ( I'll be impressed if you can decipher this)

  • Toxiden
    Toxiden21 ditë më parë

    He's not able to hear cos he doesn't have his *glasses*

  • Lorena Ortiz
    Lorena Ortiz21 ditë më parë

    They ether had time to do this or they just turned the cam 0:35

  • Christian Torelli
    Christian Torelli21 ditë më parë

    November 22nd is my bday

  • Sad Cat
    Sad Cat21 ditë më parë

    "Aye partsiperdack... Aye partsiperdack scavern!" 💀

  • ShimbyIsProbablyCool
    ShimbyIsProbablyCool22 ditë më parë

    *_finally someone gets it_*

  • paul kue
    paul kue22 ditë më parë


  • Annie Lattimore
    Annie Lattimore22 ditë më parë

    Came back after the medieval war music one 😂

  • Alex Armani
    Alex Armani23 ditë më parë

    i can't breathe

  • Alicia Rodriguez
    Alicia Rodriguez23 ditë më parë

    when you wake up from a dream where you fall and your still in it and try not to relive it again 0:00

  • 7black27pink
    7black27pink23 ditë më parë

    Bro, this really how it feels though! đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Gabriel Cross
    Gabriel Cross23 ditë më parë


  • Frozar Burst
    Frozar Burst23 ditë më parë


  • ahollowfairytale
    ahollowfairytale24 ditë më parë

    I thought of this video when I went to pick up my brother from work without my glasses. I pulled up to a blue trash can thinking that be him in his blue polo shirt lol

  • Nika Jessop
    Nika Jessop24 ditë më parë


  • Nika Jessop

    Nika Jessop

    21 ditë më parë


  • Ajwin Rejikumar
    Ajwin Rejikumar24 ditë më parë

    No glasses guys with glasses doesn’t exist, he can’t hurt you. *No glasses guy with glasses*

  • PJ_playz ROBLOX
    PJ_playz ROBLOX24 ditë më parë

    took me days to find this vid--

  • Toast Toast
    Toast Toast25 ditë më parë

    A little too relatable

  • CC Staller
    CC Staller25 ditë më parë

    Apartiperdact? Apar-tiper-dact scarvern! Ravberdict scavern! KISCHMERGA!

  • Adam Mulkerrin
    Adam Mulkerrin25 ditë më parë

    Anyone else search "Apar dipe dak" for this vid?

  • David Villagrana
    David Villagrana26 ditë më parë

    Who came here from his new video, to hear Caleb's weird knight enemy say "Kashmirga" I know i ain't the only one

  • Jake Rattle

    Jake Rattle

    21 ditë më parë

    Nope I'm here too đŸ€Ł

  • DiamondPNG


    23 ditë më parë

    Bro this nigga Caleb said "Kishmeriga!" two times in a row bro...

  • Benjamin McAdams
    Benjamin McAdams26 ditë më parë

    I legit typed kashmirga to find this

  • Whol3NothaL3v3l
    Whol3NothaL3v3l26 ditë më parë

    OMgosh! I thought I was the only one who couldn't hear as well without my glasses (or contact lenses) 😂😂😂😂

  • Moonshine
    Moonshine26 ditë më parë

    "A far simpler deck "What???" "a part tip weird axe cavern " what you talkin-" " Robert dents cavern! Kiss Mirka" we didn't hear it. 0:08

  • esteroret 1
    esteroret 126 ditë më parë


  • Tqueenboss1_Infinity
    Tqueenboss1_Infinity26 ditë më parë

    "I can't hear you it's too dark in here!"

  • Tnator53
    Tnator5327 ditë më parë


  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones27 ditë më parë

    This an absolute timeless classic

    ZINOTIC27 ditë më parë

    Who's here from his medieval skit

  • C4 Sunlight

    C4 Sunlight

    4 ditë më parë

    Idek what that is

  • Jake Rattle

    Jake Rattle

    21 ditë më parë


  • Alpha
    Alpha27 ditë më parë

    Caleb loves Mama/Show Love

  • Maou
    Maou27 ditë më parë

    I can't even say how funny and relateable was this 😂😂😂

  • Thabang Sibanda
    Thabang Sibanda27 ditë më parë

    Put your grasses on nothing will be Wong.

  • Chizuruツ
    Chizuruツ28 ditĂ« mĂ« parĂ«

    This is too good to be true!! 😂😂😔

  • Alexander Williams
    Alexander Williams29 ditë më parë

    When you meet your online girlfriend 0:51

  • Kathy Williams
    Kathy WilliamsMuaj më parë

    people laugh but the "can't hear w/o glasses" thing is so REAL for us bad vision folks

  • Shatha Abusalem

    Shatha Abusalem

    2 ditë më parë

    Your so stressed and like go away can’t talk are you talking gibberish

  • Light
    LightMuaj më parë

    at 0:54 thats the best part😂😂

  • Cow King
    Cow KingMuaj më parë

    Me when i woke up

  • Garlic Bread
    Garlic BreadMuaj më parë

    As someone who has glasses I can confirm that this happens all the time.

  • Nexus
    NexusMuaj më parë

    Faber pick scavenger Smeeeaaaa

  • Jaleel
    JaleelMuaj më parë

    “A par tiffra dact scavern!”

  • Chris Boettcher
    Chris BoettcherMuaj më parë

    pete davidson

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