Overpowered protagonists make no sense.


When the protagonist is so strong that it doesn't feel like they should be in the show.
Oddwin - 8.16.18


    DINERODASH WORLD5 orë më parë

    Hit makers

    DINERODASH WORLD5 orë më parë

    The paper towel scene was hilarious

  • Yummer
    Yummer9 orë më parë

    I like to think that the second guy in the house just lived there, and the first guy broke in.

  • Madame Mishap
    Madame Mishap12 orë më parë

    John Wick be like

  • YajPlays
    YajPlaysDitë më parë

    Instantly reminded me of avatar

  • Vibe Doctor
    Vibe DoctorDitë më parë

    *Luke Cage to literally anyone that isnt the main bad guy*

  • Aunova
    AunovaDitë më parë

    Totally inaccurate. The water droplets didn't turn into bullets because of their speed.

  • Corrosive Pigeon
    Corrosive PigeonDitë më parë

    What is that sound track at 0:25 ? I really like the tune

  • DARK ROOMinc
    DARK ROOMincDitë më parë


  • IP O
    IP ODitë më parë


  • Jesus Ochoa
    Jesus OchoaDitë më parë

    The napkin droped😂 But then the water 😂🤣 But also the air😂🤣😂

  • Chugargonfan
    ChugargonfanDitë më parë

    You hit all his vital organs? ALL OF THEM?!

  • VeganMeatEater
    VeganMeatEater2 ditë më parë

    2:09 *daægh*

  • Jindo5
    Jindo52 ditë më parë

    How many synonyms for "I will beat you up" does this man have?

  • We Want Fun
    We Want Fun2 ditë më parë

    "my vital organs!"

  • Sherin Funmes
    Sherin Funmes2 ditë më parë

    i see , john wick!

  • Idk idk
    Idk idk2 ditë më parë

    Saitama be like this but even more ridiculously op

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper2 ditë më parë

    When the dropped tissue makes a sound effect

  • Sarcastic Man
    Sarcastic Man2 ditë më parë

    Secretly that shoe is a shoe of sleeping. That tape was the tape of vital injury. That tissue paper was made of vibranium. The water was water cursed by Satan. And the air was pure death in gas form.

  • Phantom
    Phantom2 ditë më parë


  • Seth Roberts
    Seth Roberts2 ditë më parë

    the hitmarker sounds😂😂😂

  • Kibby Witz
    Kibby Witz2 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: that last member died because his breath was hot.

  • Blaze
    Blaze2 ditë më parë

    him: shakes hand them: ow, my organs.

  • Kibby Witz
    Kibby Witz2 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: this is the future timeline of Caleb fighting the scam likely callers.

  • jake
    jake2 ditë më parë

    We just gonna ignore the beginning phone call?

  • Godsped Myguy
    Godsped Myguy2 ditë më parë

    Minecraft players when Mojang added colored glass panes: 2:22

  • obi-wan kenobi
    obi-wan kenobi2 ditë më parë

    My organs hurt 2:15

  • Alahje The Artist
    Alahje The Artist2 ditë më parë

    He gone say his organs hurt

  • Sheree Hi
    Sheree Hi2 ditë më parë

    Sooo OPM

  • Datondra Lewis
    Datondra Lewis2 ditë më parë

    Ha ha ha ha

  • Aquatic diver
    Aquatic diver3 ditë më parë

    Caleb Quirk : the dumbbell This quirk allows caleb too make any item he touches into A weight of A heavy dumbbell witch makes him able to throw at he's enemys Special ability : He can also use this ability to make any gases around him as a dumbbell and can use it as a wind gun.

  • fallen guy
    fallen guy3 ditë më parë

    The yakuza games in a nutshell

  • VenomBeetle Rowl
    VenomBeetle Rowl3 ditë më parë

    When you fully max the attack stat on a game

  • The Man Downstairs
    The Man Downstairs3 ditë më parë

    bruh you can't just upload the entirety of one punch man to youtube like that

  • Smort Boi
    Smort Boi3 ditë më parë

    Protagonist: Villain: “OH MY VITAL ORGANS”

  • Jan Jaśkiewicz
    Jan Jaśkiewicz3 ditë më parë

    Lol am i the only one who noticed gjalahoorn on the door

  • Rolando S
    Rolando S3 ditë më parë

    Oh hey Saiki!

  • Aaron Reichert
    Aaron Reichert4 ditë më parë


  • Trevor Crowell
    Trevor Crowell4 ditë më parë

    Bro that gjallarhorn looks clean

  • elvin amir
    elvin amir4 ditë më parë

    fun fact the water was acid

  • elvin amir
    elvin amir4 ditë më parë

    John Wick be like when they kill his dog:

  • Astro
    Astro4 ditë më parë


  • Unordinary
    Unordinary4 ditë më parë

    Plot-twist: His superpower actually turns the things he touches into powerful weapons. So that’s why the first guy didn’t die quickly. He was only punched by brute force and not the powerful weapons.

  • Bro Punch Man
    Bro Punch Man4 ditë më parë

    *ahem* Saitama *ahem*

  • Erick
    Erick4 ditë më parë

    Laughs in Saitama

  • Th3Raz96
    Th3Raz964 ditë më parë

    Spiderman is actually that strong, he's literally constantly holding back to make sure he doesn't kill the people he fights

  • Carter Galvan
    Carter Galvan4 ditë më parë

    Oh boy all I can think of is One Punch Man

  • DemonDerpz
    DemonDerpz4 ditë më parë

    John wick be like

  • amir riddle
    amir riddle4 ditë më parë

    Protagonist invades a home and kills people who didn’t even attack him. After mutiple murders he kills the only person trying to defend his friends. After he is apprehended because he is the intruder he kills his captor

  • Seth M
    Seth M4 ditë më parë

    Bro the knockout drop of the paper towel still gets me good.

  • UraniumBandit [Ur-235]
    UraniumBandit [Ur-235]4 ditë më parë

    The entire John Wick movie

  • InternetPerson
    InternetPerson4 ditë më parë

    2:09 ya-righhhtt

  • K RISE
    K RISE4 ditë më parë


  • Alina Liu
    Alina Liu4 ditë më parë

    AuuAuAAUughHGgHH my VitAl orGanS

  • Shamsan Allahabi
    Shamsan Allahabi5 ditë më parë

    Whėn hė špåłšėd hìm wìth wãtėr mãdė më dėãd

  • Shamsan Allahabi
    Shamsan Allahabi5 ditë më parë


  • Alex De Jesus
    Alex De Jesus5 ditë më parë

    Splashes someone with water, and they pass out from how hard it was flicked at them... This is basically just an episode of Jojo.

  • Pyronaught682
    Pyronaught6825 ditë më parë

    The water attack was literally shark arrows from one piece.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke5 ditë më parë

    This dude is genuinely hilarious😂

  • Bralky
    Bralky5 ditë më parë

    is this on netflix???

  • MajorFenix
    MajorFenix5 ditë më parë

    I feel like I just saw an attack from a Fishman in One Piece...

  • Depressed Harold
    Depressed Harold5 ditë më parë

    The misfit of demon king academy be like

  • Te Moenga Repia
    Te Moenga Repia5 ditë më parë

    Goku vs krillin

  • Jayveon Howard
    Jayveon Howard5 ditë më parë

    One punch man be like 😂

  • Smonks
    Smonks5 ditë më parë

    2:07 mans said "Ahyiwahyi"

  • Uh
    Uh5 ditë më parë

    Why can anything be a weapon for the protagonist

  • Ultimate Warriors
    Ultimate Warriors5 ditë më parë


  • Daxon
    Daxon5 ditë më parë

    This is how we all feel about people who run the Jak-12

  • 14 Never dies
    14 Never dies5 ditë më parë

    This is just one punch man 😭

  • Apple Pieee
    Apple Pieee5 ditë më parë

    Gets hit with a paper towel Villain: *MY ORGANS*

  • u dont know me
    u dont know me6 ditë më parë

    Hahha he killed him w water

  • young &talented
    young &talented6 ditë më parë


  • Moon Knight Animations
    Moon Knight Animations6 ditë më parë

    2:21 "Oh this pain different..." Yo I felt that. I actually felt bad watching that.

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry6 ditë më parë

    Three words Seven Deadly Cringe

  • SouthSide GTD
    SouthSide GTD6 ditë më parë

    Meliodas and pain enters the chat

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez7 ditë më parë

    So "John Wick" Keanu Reeves and "Equalizer" Denzel Washington LOL

  • Weegee Squeegee
    Weegee Squeegee7 ditë më parë

    Imagine this guy in bed

  • Yams Andy
    Yams Andy7 ditë më parë

    Saitama wants to know your location

  • LordOfTheMEMES 20o9
    LordOfTheMEMES 20o97 ditë më parë


  • She kinda bad tho Is that frost?
    She kinda bad tho Is that frost?7 ditë më parë

    Pretty much saitama and anos voldigoad

  • Funnypeople5
    Funnypeople57 ditë më parë

    2:21 me after getting my heart broken for the 5th time

  • SOLARboomin
    SOLARboomin7 ditë më parë

    Anos from the Misfit Of Demon Academy 😂

  • Min Thang
    Min Thang7 ditë më parë

    I get it

  • insert name
    insert name7 ditë më parë


  • Siphon2450
    Siphon24508 ditë më parë

    this mans just killed him with water and air this is a god, not some random protagonist

    ANIMATION PARK8 ditë më parë

    Flex is supposed to fix But not Vital organs

  • Yxng kvng
    Yxng kvng8 ditë më parë

    He rlly threw the jacket instead of the shirt

  • shamir campbell
    shamir campbell8 ditë më parë

    I’m done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    MY-VITAL-ORGANS8 ditë më parë

    This is where I got my username from

  • Niña Franscine Agapito
    Niña Franscine Agapito8 ditë më parë

    why is there a bad word all the time???

  • Pink String05
    Pink String059 ditë më parë

    1:52 that is one of the most interesting battles I’ve ever seen, Katana VS Kleenex

  • Yen
    Yen9 ditë më parë

    My vital organs😂

  • Abrar Shariare
    Abrar Shariare9 ditë më parë

    That is Shanks

  • B R U H
    B R U H9 ditë më parë

    The guy in red was shouting his organs when he literally got punched in the face and has a nose bleed

  • wfearxetv
    wfearxetv9 ditë më parë

    That one piece reference tho I see you

  • ytz
    ytz9 ditë më parë

    boku no hero academia in a nutshell

  • Alan Charles Gomis
    Alan Charles Gomis9 ditë më parë


  • Lonnie Banks
    Lonnie Banks9 ditë më parë


    ELEMENTAL POWER9 ditë më parë

    Protagonist: **joined your team** Also protagonist: -5 million stats

  • OhMyGodImPanicking
    OhMyGodImPanicking9 ditë më parë


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