When you're trying NOT to look dumb in front of your smart friend.


Bro just admit defeat 😔 (Those words where for sure made up though, don't look it up😂)
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  • james ford
    james ford18 minuta më parë

    Dang, you lost me after density

  • AKLM
    AKLMOrë më parë

    Me trying to paraphrase some Wikipedia page for a science report I have no idea about

  • AC Bro
    AC Bro4 orë më parë

    so true

  • ToSamus Aran 2.0
    ToSamus Aran 2.07 orë më parë

    My dad is a theoretical physicist, and this is how I feel whenever Im around him

  • Ouishi
    Ouishi10 orë më parë

    I diddn’t see see the whole title so i thought it was «When you’re trying not to look stupid in front of your smart fridge» that would be funny af

  • Ouishi


    10 orë më parë

    Like someone really insecure desperatly trying to prove they’re smarter than their fridge

  • GD JOJOS bizzare demons
    GD JOJOS bizzare demons10 orë më parë

    I thought it said smart fridge

  • IcedSushi
    IcedSushi21 orë më parë

    Plot twist: he said he wasn't going to look up Equilibrium because it wasn't a valid word

  • Kij VTOL
    Kij VTOL23 orë më parë

    Nah the title should be When your smart friend thinks he’s normal

  • Tiny Thomas Jefferson
    Tiny Thomas JeffersonDitë më parë

    I must have been sick that day

  • MicroFarad
    MicroFaradDitë më parë

    *Any Sci Fi Show In A Nutshell.* Like if get what i mean! ie Flash(cw), Supergirl (cw).

  • Aryan Shahu
    Aryan ShahuDitë më parë

    That's a made up word All words are made up

  • AdaptingFlow YT
    AdaptingFlow YTDitë më parë

    Lets be real you searched the words up didn't you.

  • John Matthews
    John MatthewsDitë më parë

    Teach me the skills to jump dimensions

  • Teegste
    Teegste2 ditë më parë


  • KAMI senin
    KAMI senin2 ditë më parë

    I wish i learned that in ninth grade i was stuck in AP bio

  • Rayan Almr.bloons td6lover
    Rayan Almr.bloons td6lover2 ditë më parë

    Question? Who’s the smart friend ?

    SMILE2 ditë më parë

    "thats normal" mm yes very

  • Wisgarus
    Wisgarus2 ditë më parë

    When you wake up in a fantasy world set in the modern setting.

  • jack6m
    jack6m2 ditë më parë


  • Skully
    Skully2 ditë më parë

    I love how he said he was gone theoretically

    ANIMATION PARK2 ditë më parë

    He was actually sounding smart NGL

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper2 ditë më parë

    😂it’s normal

  • Baal Pyre
    Baal Pyre2 ditë më parë

    how come express VPN will let youtube celebs view movies outside of their country, but when I tried it netflix told me to turn my VPN off before I can watch anything?

  • Tenzo Tarantino
    Tenzo Tarantino2 ditë më parë

    I actually looked them shits up 😂😂

  • EkulMilz
    EkulMilz2 ditë më parë

    What's the sound at 1:28?

  • Vesna Grujic
    Vesna Grujic2 ditë më parë

    Lol being a smart friend in your group of friends is hard af i literally can't speak with none of them

  • Diza Edgina
    Diza Edgina3 ditë më parë

    “I wasn’t even in advanced, that’s normal!”

  • auryan pratama
    auryan pratama3 ditë më parë

    this dude panic mode is hilarious

  • Downut Productions
    Downut Productions3 ditë më parë

    Cal Kestic studies, I learned that in a start wars video game

  • Dylan Perry
    Dylan Perry3 ditë më parë

    2:03 Whats that music?

  • Akel White
    Akel White3 ditë më parë

    I act dumb on purpose

  • Obiesie Orjiako
    Obiesie Orjiako3 ditë më parë

    i cant remember the last time i laughed that hard

  • Siphon2450
    Siphon24503 ditë më parë

    u made up those words to make me look stoopid the words: variables chemical cells ice cream one and two

  • Chunky Runky
    Chunky Runky4 ditë më parë

    you are moving through the fourth dimension by existing in the third, we can tell how the fourth dimension works by observing how the second dimension works in three dimensions

  • LK 64
    LK 644 ditë më parë

    Teachers vs literally anyone

  • don'tSUBSCRIBEto Dio Brand-O
    don'tSUBSCRIBEto Dio Brand-O4 ditë më parë

    Why does Caleb always make the best sponsor videos?

  • VanDarryl Hampton
    VanDarryl Hampton4 ditë më parë

    Who else went to look those things up to see if he was lying

  • Codename Kiro
    Codename Kiro4 ditë më parë

    I can imagine him just looking all that up before

  • Markus Santiago
    Markus Santiago4 ditë më parë

    equilibrium is real though i don't know about the rest

  • Mi’Angel Harris
    Mi’Angel Harris4 ditĂ« mĂ« parĂ«

    Bruh I used to be the smart friend then I googled faultiain

  • ix Z
    ix Z4 ditë më parë

    So good đŸ€©

  • Hey There, Stupid
    Hey There, Stupid4 ditë më parë


  • Ren Eye
    Ren Eye4 ditë më parë

    This is what it feels like visiting r/VXJunkies

  • Titan knight5
    Titan knight54 ditë më parë

    We all thought we could do that invisible move. But we were wrong

  • Joshua Abarientos
    Joshua Abarientos4 ditë më parë

    I totally looked those words up though.

  • VSnipezV5
    VSnipezV54 ditë më parë

    This is an alternate dimension, and caleb actually didn't go to school to learn this.

  • gracetheday
    gracetheday5 ditë më parë

    Omg this is hilarious

  • Nikhil Vasanth
    Nikhil Vasanth5 ditë më parë

    2:00 *Tada tada tada tad whoo whoo whooooooo I always like this music😂

  • Mirage Uchiha
    Mirage Uchiha5 ditë më parë

    Damn, he put "In Elementary school" lmfao đŸ€Ł

  • I'm A Raccoon
    I'm A Raccoon5 ditë më parë

    This is what school expects us to do with everything we learn.

  • loc do
    loc do5 ditë më parë

    When it said ‘sponsored by express vpn’ and he complained about the internet I thought he was going to say stuff about how exPress VPN is good and stuff I nearly skipped it

  • Ian Christian Soledad
    Ian Christian Soledad5 ditë më parë

    They taught everything this man was saying that one day you missed school.

  • Marshawn Hughes
    Marshawn Hughes5 ditë më parë

    I wasn’t even in advanced placement 😂😂

  • LaZie Defender
    LaZie Defender5 ditë më parë

    "Was I sick?" I felt that!

  • ess
    ess5 ditë më parë


  • Diim
    Diim6 ditë më parë

    This man took year 1 Wumbology

  • DeAngelo H.
    DeAngelo H.6 ditë më parë

    "Gosh... No no i didn't learn that... Was i sick? " 😂

  • Terry Bynum
    Terry Bynum6 ditë më parë

    Calcestic studies 9th grade? We studied the possibilities of a 4th dimension when I was in the 6th grade..in 1963..

  • Co Vit
    Co Vit6 ditë më parë

    My friend: Me: My profile pic

  • Shiney Diamond
    Shiney Diamond7 ditë më parë

    Wonder how much he googled to make this

  • Neb2k
    Neb2k7 ditë më parë

    this is what penny feels like every time Sheldon and others talks about science

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez7 ditë më parë

    I feel like when I go on a rant about something, people I talk to just mod and not have much to say...

  • Snoop Dogg
    Snoop Dogg7 ditë më parë


  • Benjamin Redmond
    Benjamin Redmond7 ditë më parë

    “I wasn’t even in advanced placement, that’s normal”

  • PenguinX
    PenguinX8 ditë më parë

    I feel dumb

  • Just a sandwich minding his own business
    Just a sandwich minding his own business8 ditë më parë

    when you have an asian friend but you're not asian

  • Alan Charles Gomis
    Alan Charles Gomis8 ditë më parë

    This guy should be at 50 mil subs

  • Alessia Escobar
    Alessia Escobar9 ditë më parë

    i'm to lazy to look up those words

  • Lael And Yohan
    Lael And Yohan9 ditë më parë


  • John apple
    John apple9 ditë më parë

    Alternative title “when you miss a day in school” .

  • First Last
    First Last10 ditë më parë

    lol high standards in this video. I am over here explaining definitions of basic words to my friends.

  • Rift Panda
    Rift Panda10 ditë më parë

    He really said “pick one”

  • Siphous
    Siphous11 ditë më parë

    I love how he keeps getting up from the couch, has a meltdown, and flops back down immediately.

  • Siphous
    Siphous11 ditë më parë

    im so stupit....

  • Atharva Kulkarni
    Atharva Kulkarni11 ditë më parë

    Love it when he says Come ooooon....

  • Doctor Silver
    Doctor Silver11 ditë më parë

    i really like the smug when he say "pick one"

  • Emmanuel Ayumba
    Emmanuel Ayumba11 ditë më parë

    bro said "i wasnt even in advanced placement"đŸ’€đŸ€Ł

  • Supreme Eli Κ
    Supreme Eli Κ12 ditë më parë

    When you stop paying attention in class for 10 seconds:

  • Jorrel Doe
    Jorrel Doe12 ditë më parë

    I'm feeling like the second guy just from watching this.

  • BeastSoundz
    BeastSoundz13 ditë më parë

    When you go to the bathroom once In your ap honors class

  • Kollin Joseph
    Kollin Joseph14 ditë më parë

    I wasn’t even in advanced placement 😂

  • Miles
    Miles14 ditë më parë

    I have exams next week...and yet here i am, learning about calkes- kalkest? idk studies bro...

  • Мауо Dp
    Мауо Dp14 ditĂ« mĂ« parĂ«


  • RuthlessKO
    RuthlessKO14 ditë më parë

    Yea i felt this

  • Cool man 64 Lmao
    Cool man 64 Lmao15 ditë më parë

    Now you made yourself even dumb

  • TheDrummerErik99
    TheDrummerErik9915 ditë më parë

    bro you got some funny ass videos. so glad i found the channel

  • Riotsel Jr
    Riotsel Jr15 ditë më parë

    This what it's like when ppl who went to public school hang out with ppl who went to private school

  • Spinjitzu Master Falcon
    Spinjitzu Master Falcon15 ditë më parë

    This is what happens when I'm sick

    SECRET SERVICE 78615 ditë më parë

    Why dose he sound like my science teacher

  • King Bookah
    King Bookah16 ditë më parë

    Plot twist: this was just a flex to show why he where glasses

  • Andre Howard
    Andre Howard16 ditë më parë


  • Rashad Lewis
    Rashad Lewis16 ditë më parë

    .... theoretically.

  • redstoneguy10ls
    redstoneguy10ls16 ditë më parë

    this video reminded me i needed to print equilibrium notes, so thanks

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf16 ditë më parë

    Can anyone confirm is anything hes saying is real

  • Maulen. IDC Florez
    Maulen. IDC Florez16 ditë më parë

    You lying if you say you didnt look up consigliothesis

  • Originz Fishing
    Originz Fishing17 ditë më parë

    Srsly tho. Google can be easily misinformation

  • DylanTheSmylan
    DylanTheSmylan17 ditë më parë

    Who looked these things up afterwards to actually fact check if they were real words

  • Kaesid Stuckey
    Kaesid Stuckey17 ditë më parë

    This is probably one of his funniest videos

  • Cameron Cluelow
    Cameron Cluelow17 ditë më parë

    whats funny is that these are real terms

  • Element_Rice
    Element_Rice18 ditë më parë

    This content is great

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