When you have to question your own intellect again.


I have literally ordered food at a drive thru, paid for the food, then left without it...
Oddwin - 19


  • dragontraitor 145
    dragontraitor 14511 orë më parë

    Me throwing the foam container in the sink and my phone in the trash be like:

  • Alpha_Star
    Alpha_Star22 orë më parë

    The way he says "stupid"

  • Cosmic Gaming
    Cosmic GamingDitë më parë

    Do none of you see the extreme lack of milk in his cereal?

  • Nromel Vleshnicon
    Nromel VleshniconDitë më parë

    this is painfully relatable on a spiritual level

    BACK PAINDitë më parë

    You may think that you’re stupid but have you ever put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge

  • Game King364
    Game King364Ditë më parë

    Lmfao make more of these

  • An Drew
    An DrewDitë më parë

    1 - When I go to the gym and the greeter says: "Have a nice workout." I almost say back: "You too :(" 2 - When the Uber driver bring the food and says: "Enjoy the food." My brain tries to betray me again and I almost say back: "You too :(".

  • Blue Dragon Gaming
    Blue Dragon GamingDitë më parë

    You forgot when you put soap on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste or when you go into the bathroom to wash your hands but instead you brush your teeth.

  • Gehazel Muse
    Gehazel MuseDitë më parë

    This Reminds Me When I Blew My Ice Cream Before Eating It Cause I Didn’t Want My Ice Cream To Get Cold 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anisha B.
    Anisha B.Ditë më parë

    So I was in 10th grade & realized that the dress I was wearin was a bit wrinkled at the bottom. Instead of takin it off & using an iron I had a quicker idea. I took the steamer & used it on the dress while I was still wearing it 🤦🏾‍♀️ Had a scar for YEARS

  • Courtney Maxwell
    Courtney Maxwell2 ditë më parë

    This is a actually me sometimes so I can relate fam

  • Stephen Marshall
    Stephen Marshall2 ditë më parë

    You have ADHD for sure

  • Desiree Choate
    Desiree Choate2 ditë më parë

    At least he’s self conscious. Sometimes that’s more than most people.

  • Zenalis World
    Zenalis World2 ditë më parë

    I’m even stupid than I think I am

  • Zenalis World
    Zenalis World2 ditë më parë


  • Zenalis World
    Zenalis World2 ditë më parë

    This is funny

  • the white ninja
    the white ninja3 ditë më parë

    This is too true 0:37

  • triggerdturtle0
    triggerdturtle03 ditë më parë

    felt this on a spiritual level

  • OG Schlongerson
    OG Schlongerson3 ditë më parë

    This shit is like me after a fat dab

  • Death of the Flesh
    Death of the Flesh3 ditë më parë

    Oh man these question your own intellect are his funniest videos!! I am laughing so hard it literally hurts.

  • Withster _0
    Withster _03 ditë më parë

    One day i tried to drink a coffee in the morning but i poured the coffee in the sink and tried to drink only to realise what i had done

  • Bro Punch Man
    Bro Punch Man3 ditë më parë

    *existential crisis intensifies*

  • Omar Torres
    Omar Torres3 ditë më parë

    No milk?... That's even more bum.

  • Gia Gonzalez
    Gia Gonzalez4 ditë më parë

    I used to close cereal box like that cuz roaches in my apartment lol

  • BTKx Dracula
    BTKx Dracula4 ditë më parë

    Dang, you must hate doing dishes if you still have throw away bowls an silverware in your 20s

  • Carson Baker
    Carson Baker4 ditë më parë

    Pretty sure Caleb left the milk out

  • Xx_MoonWolf_xX 86
    Xx_MoonWolf_xX 864 ditë më parë

    I get so used to my glasses sometimes I forget I have them on them go to touch my face only to find them there, or I forget I took them off and am about to push them up again to feel nothing there😂

  • Benjamin .-.
    Benjamin .-.4 ditë më parë

    Me: When l’m gonna bite an apple and drink some water.. So I try drinking the apple and think “ ahh that’s the apple.. I need to bite an apple.” And then I proceed to bite the cup of water. : I’m beyond stupitt

  • Agathor m
    Agathor m4 ditë më parë

    You also didn't put milk in that bowl

  • Icy-hot
    Icy-hot4 ditë më parë

    *Me when I’m trying to find my remote*

  • Mya Green
    Mya Green5 ditë më parë

    The piano music...

  • Paradox
    Paradox5 ditë më parë

    Me: *saves the game* Also me 0.69420 seconds later: "Did I save the Game?"

  • Ryan Dennis
    Ryan Dennis5 ditë më parë

    Ain’t that the music from attack?

  • Clifton K
    Clifton K5 ditë më parë

    I’m in tears 😂😂😂

  • Carson Morris
    Carson Morris5 ditë më parë

    Anyone else ever put the cereal box in the refrigerator

  • David Vance
    David Vance5 ditë më parë

    Me: Cleans a smudge off the computer screen so it doesn't show up in the screenshot "I'm so stupit"

  • 335 Manpreet singh NM

    335 Manpreet singh NM

    4 ditë më parë


  • aaron
    aaron5 ditë më parë

    Everyone's talking about the video but nobody's talking about the $100 dollar bill that he magneted to his fridge.

  • Blaze
    Blaze6 ditë më parë

    “All I had to do was come in here and pour a bowl of cereal. Now I’m stupit.”

  • ayo gunnamac
    ayo gunnamac6 ditë më parë

    This made me feel so Stupidt

  • jennie boink
    jennie boink6 ditë më parë

    I remembered that one day I take off my socks and just throw it straight into the trash can without even realizing it until my sister found my socks in the trash. I feel so dumb after that🤦🏻‍♀️

  • GBoy
    GBoy6 ditë më parë

    scariest thing in this video is the fact he didnt pour the milk

  • MeepTheSheep
    MeepTheSheep6 ditë më parë

    "I'm not stupid, I'm stupit."

  • Jariyah Murphy
    Jariyah Murphy6 ditë më parë

    me: *washes my hands before using the bathroom* ”i’m so stupit”

  • apriltheghost2009
    apriltheghost20096 ditë më parë

    This was me all day at work yesterday!!! I don't know what was wrong... but something was off! I walked into the walk in for cheese, and came out with everything but cheese! Then I gave the wrong ordered to a customer... weird thing is, He never came back for the right order, and it wasn't even close to what he ordered so I have no ideal. FML lmao!

  • Manan's Voice 'N' Strings
    Manan's Voice 'N' Strings6 ditë më parë

    Me: Places my spectacles my head Later Me: "Where da hell did I keep em?" Eventually Me: "I'm so STEWPIT"

  • Shreeya Nair
    Shreeya Nair6 ditë më parë

    Lol the music

  • 1K Without a vid?
    1K Without a vid?6 ditë më parë

    I remember using a fork to try to drink soup

  • espn pokerclub
    espn pokerclub7 ditë më parë

    He jus smokin.lool

  • Owen Krueger
    Owen Krueger7 ditë më parë

    I purposely roll the cereal box to confuse guests

  • Anpu
    Anpu7 ditë më parë


  • Mitchell Julius
    Mitchell Julius7 ditë më parë

    I'm stoopidss

  • TrashDragon
    TrashDragon7 ditë më parë

    My uncle asked me: how are your grades doin? Me: good, how about you? Also me: *Im so stupitt*

  • Jesus Ochoa
    Jesus Ochoa7 ditë më parë

    psalms 34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit./inspiration- The Lord will always draw close to and mend the broken-hearted. God doesn’t delight in seeing his children being in pain or sorrow. It pains him just as much as it pains us. When He hears our cries, He rushes to our aid. He comforts us, he heals us, and he helps us get back on our feet./prayer-Dear God, I am so grateful that I can turn to you - in good times and in times where it feels like I cannot keep going. Lord, thank you for always hearing my cries. When I am faced with painful situations, I find comfort in knowing that you are always with me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

  • oui oui
    oui oui7 ditë më parë

    Register lady: and would you like a receipt? Me: Uh yea sure.. Register lady: Here you go, enjoy your ($1) chips. Also me walking out with one box of chips: *why.* ಠ▃ಠ

  • Abhinav Vyas
    Abhinav Vyas7 ditë më parë

    Me living my life I'm so stupit

  • Seven Aries
    Seven Aries7 ditë më parë

    Does anyone know the music that kicks in when he starts questioning life

  • YourFellowAsian
    YourFellowAsian8 ditë më parë

    This man takes self consciousness to a *next* level

  • that_mc_nick GAMING
    that_mc_nick GAMING8 ditë më parë

    When you look for your phone but it's in your hand

  • Rick James
    Rick James8 ditë më parë

    Girl I just met: "We should hang out some time." Me being cool: "Yeah, hit me up." **walks away** Me 15 minutes later realizing I never gave her my number: "It's for the best. I'm too stupid to procreate."

  • lettuce boi
    lettuce boi8 ditë më parë

    me setting here with self diagnosed mild autism like: 👁👄👁✌️

  • Martin Jang
    Martin Jang8 ditë më parë

    Me: WHERE ARE MY GLASSES!!!! Also Me: Is wearing my glasses Dammit. Im so stupit

  • Cool Dude McGee
    Cool Dude McGee8 ditë më parë

    When you need to go to the bathroom but you go to the kitchen trash can for some reason

  • Suprim Rana Magar
    Suprim Rana Magar9 ditë më parë

    Me:Enters the room Me:Did I locked the door My brain: ............................................................................................................................................................................. I don't know

  • Abdullah Ayyadh
    Abdullah Ayyadh9 ditë më parë

    he never put milk

  • Sheikh U
    Sheikh U9 ditë më parë

    That ADHD life lmao

  • Akari Rosumashi
    Akari Rosumashi9 ditë më parë

    Honestly thought with the cereal he'd open the fridge and realize he has no milk.

  • Claire McDonald
    Claire McDonald9 ditë më parë

    I did the same exact things. LOL! I still feel the same way.😁😂👍🤯☹️😢

  • Mario Anthony
    Mario Anthony9 ditë më parë

    Those night time thoughts hit harder than ever...

  • Sebastian Sullivan
    Sebastian Sullivan10 ditë më parë

    I once called my friend to help me find my iPhone one time

  • Danielle Forest
    Danielle Forest10 ditë më parë

    When some anime protagonists are self aware

  • arrcchu
    arrcchu10 ditë më parë

    i love that one soundtrack lmao

  • Bowen Judd
    Bowen Judd10 ditë më parë

    We all do stupid things if we're in a trance or tired.

  • the vending machine
    the vending machine10 ditë më parë

    I didn’t think it could be possible.. im even dumber than I thought I was. Why did I lock the door? What purpose did I have locking the door? What purpose did my parents have having me??.. I have to get to the bottom of why I’m so dumb.. there are literal parrots with more intellect than I have.”

  • the vending machine
    the vending machine10 ditë më parë

    “Oh no.. I rolled the whole box up instead of just the bag. I’m so stupitt... zammit. all I had to do was come in here and pour a bowl of cereal and now, I’m stupitt. Who’s gonna wanna open the box like that now? I’m stupitt.. wait... where’s the cereal I just poured?.. zammit. I left it in the kitchen, didn’t I? I was wrong. I’m not stupitt. I’m beyond stupitt. I went in there with the soul purpose to only get cereal. I poured the bowl of cereal and left without it. I wonder if my parents ever regret having me.. What is wrong with me?...”

  • Jkwan
    Jkwan10 ditë më parë

    Uncle: Wishes me happy birthday Me: Thanks you too Wanted to run away

  • Tian Qi Zhang
    Tian Qi Zhang10 ditë më parë

    Me: why is it so hot dammit Me: tries to take off shirt *Realizes I wasn't wearing any shirt* edit: I'm so stupit

  • Nacho Cavallo Carbonell
    Nacho Cavallo Carbonell11 ditë më parë

    *Enters the shower realizing he doesn't have shampoo or a towel* Darnit....I'm not shtupit....I'm beyond shtupit

  • Moist nugget
    Moist nugget11 ditë më parë

    I'm pretty sure it's a real thing that when you walk through a doorway, you lose your memory

  • Hugo
    Hugo11 ditë më parë

    Me: I try to find my phone , and I turn on the flashlight on my phone that is in my hand to search under furniture I'm stupid

  • Ballin EZ
    Ballin EZ11 ditë më parë

    Me: Realizes my friend left his phone at my house Also me: proceeds to call my friends phone " I'm so stupit"

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez13 ditë më parë

    And not to mention that he forgot to get the milk from the fridge for the cereal. 😅😅😅

  • Lucas Franco
    Lucas Franco13 ditë më parë


  • Ntuthuko Mncanyana
    Ntuthuko Mncanyana14 ditë më parë

    The worse part I can relate to it....😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Eat your cereal
    Eat your cereal14 ditë më parë

    I watched this trying to go to sleep and I left no being able too

  • Y do I breath. Just to suffer.
    Y do I breath. Just to suffer.15 ditë më parë

    I've gotten up to turn off the lights in my room even though they were already off more times than I'd like to admit. Half of the time, it was dark out so I was in the dark but I still did it.

  • OctoSpot
    OctoSpot15 ditë më parë

    I love how miserable he sounds

  • Najaé Willis
    Najaé Willis15 ditë më parë

    Who’s going to tell him there’s no milk in that bowl

  • Vortex Larry!
    Vortex Larry!15 ditë më parë

    Bro, I'd be so stupid that i flippin' thought a square was a triangle for a week

  • Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams15 ditë më parë

    Forgot to put the milk in too

  • Helixtron
    Helixtron16 ditë më parë

    When you want color something red, and when you make the first mark, you realize it's mauve...

  • The Sweaty Camper
    The Sweaty Camper16 ditë më parë

    When you realize he forgot to add milk

  • Sans is a font
    Sans is a font17 ditë më parë

    Me: *is holding a spoon* Also me: where did I put it?

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate17 ditë më parë

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a consistently dirty wooden folding table. No matter how well you clean it. It always gets dirty like 10 minutes later and you don't even put anything on it

  • Robert Lust
    Robert Lust18 ditë më parë

    I have a feeling no one takes the time to start one of my videos and then scroll through the playlist or through their own playlist do people do this s*** for fun

  • Robert Lust

    Robert Lust

    18 ditë më parë


  • Robert Lust

    Robert Lust

    18 ditë më parë

    If you listen on two times speed you get through it faster

  • Krisha Patil
    Krisha Patil18 ditë më parë

    Let's talk about how he forgot to take food after paying for it. 😂

  • GooBery
    GooBery18 ditë më parë

    im so stupid

  • salazar mk2
    salazar mk219 ditë më parë

    So so stupid

  • Thanos the Farmer
    Thanos the Farmer19 ditë më parë

    Me when I forget what I was about to search online.

  • Sullivan Dmitry
    Sullivan Dmitry19 ditë më parë

    0:17 no your aren’t stupid, you’re a sociopath.

  • Po
    Po19 ditë më parë

    He didn’t pour the milk in...

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